Clinical Services

Clinical Services and Team of Doctors and Technicians:

Clinical Services in each department with a team of concerned doctors and technicians are as follows:

 SL Department

Clinical Services &
Treatment facilities

Dental Surgeon Technologist &
Asst. Technician



  1. Consultancy
  2. Oral Hygiene Instruction (OHI)

  Dr. AQM. Mohi Uddin Masum
  Dr. Arshad Alam
  Dr. Kamrun Nahar

  Md. Shahajahan Meah
  Md. Nijam Uddin
Fahima Hasan


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (Outdoor)

  1. Normal Tooth Extraction
  2. Surgical Tooth Extraction
  3. Apisectomy
  4. Operculectomy
  5. Tumer, Cyst Operation
  6. Cleft Lip & Palate Operation
  7. Jaw Fracture Management
  8. Abscess Drainage
  9. Tooth Reimplantation
  10. Implant Surgery

  Dr. Md. Ali  Hossain
  Dr. Naim Mahmud
Dr. Hasanul Hasib


 Saiful Islam
 Ranjan Kumer Nath


Dental Laser & Implant Center

  1. Operculectomy
  2. Incisional biopsy
  3. Bloodless and painless procedure

  Dr. Md. Ali Hossain

  Md. Jabed Hossain


Conservative Dentistry & Dental Radiology

  1. Root Canal Treatment
  2. Apexoigenesis
  3. Apexification
  4. Operative-Dentistry
  5. Pulp Capping
  6. Sandwice Filling
  7. Non-Vital Bleaching
  8. Endodontic Surgery
  9. Surgical Crown Lengthening
  10. Bicaspitization
  11. Hemisection
  12. Reimplantation

  Dr. Abu Sayeed Ibn Harun
  Dr. Faysal Sirazee
  Dr. Shakhawat Tabrej
  Dr. Asif Sobhan

  Md. Abdur Rahim
  Md. Mizanur Rahman



  1. Crown-Porcelain/Metalic
  2. Vital Crowning 
  3. Partial denture 
  4. Compete denture 
  5. Partial Denture Repair
  6. Complete Denture Repair
  7. Complete Denture Relining
  8. Post & Dowel Crown
  9. Denture Correction

  Dr. AKM Salah Uddin (Sawpan)
  Dr. S. M Shahadat Hossain 
  Dr. Ahmed Ahsan Chy.

  Mahbubur Rahman
  Mr. Litten Halder
  Md. Anamul Hoque (Imran)
  Md. Kholilur Rahman
  Raisul Islam


Children, Preventive &   Community Dentistry

  1. Temporary Filling
  2. Permanent Filling
  3. Atraumatic Restorative Treatment
  4. Pulpectomoy
  5. Pulpotomoy
  6. Extraction
  7. Extraction (Complicated)
  8. SS Crown
  9. Pit & Fissure Sealant
  10. Prophylactic odontomy
  11. Reshaping the Fissures  

  Dr. Afroza Hoque
  Dr. ATM Tareq
  Dr. Rafia Hossain

 Mostafa kamal
 Md. Mosfique Uddin Ahmed



  1. Crowding Management
  2. Mal-occlusian correction
  3. Space Closer
  4. Habit Breaking
  5. Cross Bite Management
  6. Management of proclined Teeth
  7. Mgt. of retroclined Teeth
  8. Bracing

  Dr. Shahiqul Jabbar
  Dr. Abdul Awal
  Dr. Iftekharul Islam

  H.M Shahidullah
  Md. Masum Reza


Periodontology & Oral Pathology

  1. Scaling and Polishing
  2. Curettage
  3. Root Planning
  4. Gingivectomy & Ginzivoplasty
  5. Regenarative Procedure
  6. Bone Grafting

  Dr. Md. Ali Hossain
  Dr. Umme Khairul Fatema
  Dr. Sarjana Yeasmin

  Jasmin Akter
  Kakoli Akter


General OPD

  1. Root Canal Treatment
  2. Apexogenesis
  3. Apexification
  4. Operative Dentistry
  5. Pulp Capping
  6. Sandwice Filling
  7. Non-Vital Bleaching
  8. Surgical Crown Lenghtening
  9. Bicaspitization
  10. Hemisection
  11. Reimplantation
  12. Crown-metal/
  13. Vital Crowning 
  14. Vital Crowning 
  15.  Post & Dowel Crown
  16. Denture Correction

  Dr. Mahmud Hasan
  Dr. Marjina Begum
  Dr. Mir Mehedi Mostafa (Anon)
  Dr. Mohiul Islam (Osama)
  Dr. Md. Najmul Alam
  Dr. Fariha Fakrul Alam

   Humaira Begum
   Abdul Kader
   Nazmul Hoque
   Md. Kholilur Rahaman
   Jannatul Ferdous
   Md. Nijam uddin 
   Hira Akter
   Jahanara Begum
   Md. Jaber Hossain



Dental X-ray

  1. Pari-apical view
  2. RVG (Radio Visiography)
  3. Occlusal view


  Md. Salim Ullah
  Md. Yeasin Ali

Surgical Correction of external roof resorption of tooth by MTA. This operation done by Dr. Abu Sayed Ibn Harun, Associate professor. Department of conservative Dentistry..