Conservative Dentistry & Radiology

Dept. of Conservative Dentistry and Dental Radiology

Dept. of Conservative dentistry and Dental Radiology deals with the conservation and restoration of decayed and missing parts of teeth aiming at form, function and aesthetics. The department has a well equipped undergraduate clinic with 10 dental units and chairs exclusively for the final year B.D.S., students. The day today out patient in put ranges from 50-60 and the number of treated cases per day range up to 70.


Our first emphasize is the development of clinical and communication skills in primary oral healthcare, History taking, patient examination. We also have the facilities to ensure quality Clinical training to students from our distinguished clinical expertise. The clinical curriculum for the undergraduates include silver amalgam restorations, composite restorations, GIC restoration, pulp capping, apexogenesis, apexification, Root canal treatment, management of traumatic teeth, endodontic surgery. Being exposed to the clinics for the best time, students are constantly guided toward better patient management.
There is a own department library for  the clinical students  with adequate books, national and international journals in Dentistry and basic medical sciences.

The main objective of this dept. is to produce high quality dental surgeons and provide quality dental treatment for our population. The focus of conservative dentistry in the present times is not only on prevention and treatment of dental diseases but on meeting the demand for better aesthetics. Thus, conservative dentistry & endodontics is emerging as one of the most progressive and challenging medical & dental science.


    Operative Dentistry:
1. Hampsons Textbook of Operative Dentistry. By: E.L. Hampson
2. Sturdeuants Art and Science of Operative Dentistry. By: T.M. Roberson
        3. Textbook of operative Dentistry. By: Sikri

1. Pathways of the Pulp. By: Stepen Cohen
2. Ingles Endodontics. By: Ingle
3. Problem Solving in Endodontics. By: Gutmann
4. Textbook of Endodontics. By: J.Torabinazad

    Oral Radiology:
1. Textbook  of Oral Radiology. By: Ghom
2. Textbook  of Oral Radiology. By: Cowsons

1. A Text Book of Operative Dentistry. By: Me Gehee
2. Textbook of Operative Dentistry. By: Satish
3. Textbook of Operative Dentistry. By: Nisha Gark

        1. Lecture class
2. Tutorial class
3. Clinical class
4. Examination test
                ▪  Monthly written test
                ▪  Verbal test ( item )
                ▪  Card final exam (both written & viva)
                ▪  Term final exam (both written & viva)
Professional exam (both written & viva)