Chidren Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry



Aim & Scope:
Our aim is focuses on the role of the dental pediatrician in promoting the importance of good dental health for all children and in particular those children at risk. We present preventive & operating measures; evidence based where available, that may improve dental care and promotes the role of pediatric dental services in the multidisciplinary management of oral and dental diseases.


For our undergraduate students; they will be able -          ▪  General objective:
                 To augment their diagnosing and management skills in order to provide oral health services to children and adolescents.

         ▪  Specific objectives:
                   To advent of various sophisticated materials and agents for prevention and treatment of dental diseases.
                 To deliver of dental care including education about dental diseases and their preventive aspects, behavior
                     management, growth supervision, guidance of developing occlution, restorative & endodontic treatment,
                     management of soft tissue and surgical problems.
Our facilities:
Pediatric outdoor
We have well decorated pediatric outdoor with 3 dental units. All type of pediatric dental  instruments and materials are availabe here. Intern doctors and dental surgeons are available as facilitator.

Reference books:
        1. Pediatric Dentistry - by Welbury....2nd edition
Kennedy`s Pediatric Operative Dentistry - by Curzon....4th edition
        3. A Manual of Pediatric dentistry  by R.J And law. 4th edition
        4. Clinical Periodontics  by B. Finn. 4th edition
5. Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry- by Cameron....1997 pub 3rd
        6. Text Book of Periodontics  by Satish Chandra....1st  edition
        7. Principles and Practice of Pedodontics- by Arathi Rao....1st & 2nd edition

Study design:

Lecture class

Tutorial class

Practical class


8-10 (monthly)

18-20 (monthly)

8 (monthly)

02 (yearly )

    ▪ Monthly written test
    ▪ Verbal test ( item )
    ▪ Card final exam (both written & viva)
    ▪ Term final exam (both written & viva)
Professional exam (both written & viva)

Detail Information

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