Physiology & Biochemistry




Physiology deals with the functions and phenomena of living organisms.
We know each type of life has its own function and characteristics. In human physiology we attempt to explain the specific characteristics and mechanism of human body that make it a living being.
Goal: So the goal of physiology is to explain the physical and chemical factors that�s are responsible for the origin, development and progression of life.


It deals with the biochemical reactions, change and effects of these on cell as well as the whole living organisms. It also explains the biochemical changes within the cells in different diseases


The department of Physiology is situated at the 1st floor of the west block of the academic building.

Class Delivery System

Lecture classes:
Here teacher give their speech on specific topics of running cards.

Tutorial classes:
These classes are designed for feedback, item examinations and discussion. The problems which felt by the students during preparation for examinations are solved here.

Medical science is a noble applied branch of science. This science directly related with human life from its womb to tomb. From the beginning of the life up to death a person might be diseased in any stage. Most of the time these diseases are making a critical event in between live or death. So every doctor should have practical knowledge in every step of every subjects of medical science. Our teachers and demonstrators give opportunities to the students for acquiring practical knowledge in our well equipped lab.

Our facilities:
It has two fully equipped modern laboratories with adjacent tutorial class rooms. Class rooms have multimedia facilities with multimedia projector, modern noiseless sound systems.

Our future plan:

    Biochemical tests for different diseases will be done here free for the poor patients who admitted in this hospital.
    Individual lecture gallery for this department. All the labs and classrooms will be air conditioned.
    Despite all above facilities, For 65 new BDS students the laboratories would be transferred into a large space.

1. Lecture class
    2. Tutorial class
    3. Practical class
    4. Examination test
Monthly written test
Verbal test ( item )
Card final exam (both written & viva)
Term final exam (both written & viva)
Professional exam (both written & viva)