Dental Publc Health

Department of Dental Public Health (DPH)

DPH: Means, Dental Parfaining to tooth.
Public: of or parfaining to the people of a community state or nation.
Health A state of complete physical, mental, social & spiritual well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity and ability to lead a social economical productivity. WHO.

Def: DPH is defined as the science and art of preventing and controlling dental disease & promoting dental health. ..... organized community effort.

Aims: DPH deals with:
1. Community & Preventive Dentistry.
2. Community & Preventive Medicine.
3. Behavioral Science and Primary Health care.
4. Bio statistics.
5. Dental Jurisprudence and forensic dentistry.

Above 1 to 5 also the tools or objective or components of DPH.

Scope: The scope of DPH from womb to tomb.

Vary short History of DPH:

 ● 3000 BC- gold tooth picks found in excavations at Ur (Sumarea) in Mesopotamia, Babylon & Assyria, Assyriahs prescribes giving message combined with herbal medicine.


 ● 2700 BC- The common of by huang-Ti contains 2 chapters about dentistry on .................... dental and gingival diseases. Chinese were the first to use the chew stick. In acupunchere. 26 of 388 points of puncturing were used as aremody for tooth ache and 6 for pain in the gums.


 ● 1500 BC- Egspt. Eberspapyrus describes oral diseases.


 ● 480 BC- Hippocrates discussed formation & eruption of teeth, decay & erosion, Mouth wash & deufiferies, mal formation of teeth, gingival diseases ulser of mouth, drucfuses of jaws.


 ● 25BC- Aurus corneliuns celsus discussed orthodontics treatment, oral surgical procedure.


 ● 100 AD- Claudius galen wrote about nerves of teethes.


 ● 15th Century- Giovanhiplateario introduced the settings position for operation on the teeth. German physician & surgeon published Nutzlicher Berichrt a book designed to give the people oral lygiene knowledge. It is the first book devolved to public heath dentistry.


Function of DPH: The Association of state and territorial dental direelors (ASTTDD) USA has elaborated on the function of DPH as (i) Assessment (ii) Poliey development (iii) Assurance.


Service Providers:
(i) Government institutions
(ii) Private institutions
(iii) Private practitioners


Study Design:
a) Lecture class
b) Tutorial class
c) Practical class (OSPE)
d) Examinations


* Item examination
* Card final exam (written & viva)
* Term final exam (written & viva)
* Professional exam (written & viva)


Books to be read:
1. Community Dental Health. Anthony Jong.
2. Essentials of Preventive and Community Dentistry. Soben Peter.
3. Dental Public Health an Introduction to community Dentistry. Slack.
4. Preventive Dentistry. Silverstone.
5. Prevention of Oral diseases. J.J. Man.
6. Community Oral Health. Cynthia M.pine.
7. A Short Textbook of Preventive and community. Jayaprakash K.
8. Park`s textbook of preventive and social medicine. K. Park.
9. Ashok`s Public Health and Preventive Dentistry. Ashok Devanath.
10. Law and Ethics in Dentistry. Seear.
11. Dental Jurisprudence and Risk Management. Schroeder.
12. A Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. J. Reddy & Mudy.
13. Introduction to Behavioral Science. S. Aminul Islam. etc, el.



Future Plan or Requirement:
1. ................... professor & teachers room with department.
2. One peon for the department.
3. One lecturer for the department of DPH.
4. Furniture according to the demand.   

Faculty Members of Dental Public Health:

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Lecturer. <br> BDS.