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I am delighted to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to you at Chattagram International Dental College (CIDC). Dentistry, a rapidly advancing field, demands meticulous supervision and dedicated care for students, supported by well-equipped laboratories and hospitals.

Our faculty members are highly qualified, efficient, and devoted to our mission of providing quality dental education, research, and fostering collaboration with international institutions.

We take pride in our academic environment, disciplinary standards, dedicated teachers, continuous student performance monitoring, well-equipped laboratories, extensive library facilities, and a range of extracurricular activities that set us apart from others.

Students are selected through strict, merit-based procedures directed by the Bangladesh government. At the beginning of each academic session, we provide a comprehensive academic guidebook outlining yearly class and exam schedules, reference book lists, and other student affairs activities to the admitted students.

Our esteemed and knowledgeable teachers are always ready to counsel students, offering guidance in a friendly manner to address their concerns. Lectures are delivered using modern techniques, creating an engaging atmosphere for students. Extra care is provided to support weaker students, fostering improvement in their performance.

Our well-equipped library houses recent editions of medical books and journals, aiming to convey the latest dental information. Additionally, we take pride in our internationally published research papers that contribute to the knowledge enrichment of our faculty members, dental specialists, and students.

The medical education unit plays a vital role in helping our faculty members gather knowledge about teaching and learning methodologies.

Beyond academic facilities, our 50-unit dental hospital offers modern facilities providing high-quality services at reasonable costs. Both the college and hospital operate under a non-profit, non-political trust.

Chattagram International Dental College invites you to join our professionally planned educational facilities, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience for aspiring dental professionals.                                                                                

Professor Dr. Md. Akram Pervez Chowdhury

Principal, Chattagram International Dental College.